Angela O'Connell

9th March 2021 
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Charcoal, water colour & collage
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Cranley Gardens
Palmers Green
North London
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Contemporary. Poff

Pissed Off

Size L69cm, W50cm
Acrylic on board

Price: 300 (includes wooden frame with real glass)

Influence: Feeling a bit down one day I decided to paint an image of someone who looked pissed off and my emotions came through.

Contemporary. Carralley

Sports Day Antics

Size: H105cm x W80cm

Price: 800 (50 limited edition prints are available cost- 30 each )

Size of painting, includes sold wood frame painted charcoal grey: (H) 105cm (W) 80 cm (D) 4cm
Materials: Acrylic and sand used for texture

Influence: The Great Gatsby

Contemporary. Tears

Angels Wipe Away Tears


Size of painting: (H) 40cm (W) 40 cm (D) 4cm
Materials: Canvas, Medium: oil

Influence: As a child I was always told to pray to my guardian angel if I needed help so I was prompted to do this painting showing angels wiping away the tears/sorrow of a young girl.

Contemporary. Fluffy

Flower Uplift

1,000 (50 limited edition prints are available cost- 40 each )

Size of painting: (H) 137cm (W) 107cm (D) 2cm

Boxed Canvas- can be hung framed or unframed but would look better in a frame

Medium: Acrylic-

Influence: I was drawn to paint fantasy uplifting flowers and behind and around the flowers I have added hundreds of different faces. In my mind I was associating the need for people mood uplift during lock down and looking at flowers and being surrounded by them is said to give a feeling of new life, new beginning and rejuvenation.

Click on image to see close up of faces

Contemporary. Rolled

All Rolled Up

1,000 (50 limited edition prints are available cost- 40 each )

Size of painting: (H) 142cm (W) 110cm (D) 3cm

Boxed Canvas- can be hung framed or unframed

Medium: Acrylic- textured background


I had a fun thought of ladies laughing/in shock whilst getting ready for a night out and wearing evening dresses and rollers accompanied by a poodle wearing rollers!

I asked some friends to wear rollers and act out my thoughts and from the photographs of this scene, I created "All Rolled Up" in my contemporary style.

I used acrylic for this scene as it works well with texture and indeed the free flowing painterly aspects of the abstract work included in the ladies dresses.

Contemporary. Plannet

Pray For The Planet

1,000 (50 limited edition prints are available cost- 40 each )

Size of painting: (H) 135cm (W) 94cm (D) 3.5cm

Canvas with solid wood frame, painted white

Medium: oil

Influence: The State of the Planet!

Contemporary. GhostHH

Lady Ghost

1,000 (30 limited edition prints are available - cost 40 each)
Size: 158cm x 123cm
Medium, oil, & Acrylic
Wooden frame (painted navy with boxed canvas inserted

My father, RIP, regularly told stories about ghosts and sightings thereof close to Rineen, Co. Kerry, Ireland which is an area prone to fog and mist. This area is a favourite walking route by many and considered to be a mystical part of Ireland. These thoughts and the song "Diamonds are Forever" influenced me to paint Lady Ghost who has come back to life and of course she is wearing her diamonds …….

Contemporary. Meadow

The Meadow

POA ( 50 limited edition prints are available cost- 40 each )
Size 150cm x 107cm (includes solid wood frame)
Medium, oil, acrylic and sand

Influence: I was inspired to paint wild flowers which I found in my mothers meadow style garden

Contemporary. PeggyRev


1,000 (30 limited edition prints are available - cost 40 each)
Size: 107cm x 76m
Medium, Mixed Media
Painting is embedded in a wooden frame, depth 4cm (painted white)

Peggy was painted from imagination; the entire painting is textured with sand

I called this painting "Peggy" simply because when completed, the name Peggy seemed apt.

Contemporary. Purplepinkflowers

Hydrangea Intensity

1,200 (50 limited edition prints are available cost- 40 each )

Size of painting: 102cm x 153cm

This large canvass is not currently not framed but the cost quoted will include a large wooden frame.

Medium: acrylic

Influence: Passing by gardens with vibrant hydrangeas motivated me to capture the beauty and intensity of these beautiful flowers.

Contemporary. summery


POA (50 limited edition prints are available cost- 40 each )
Size of painting 116cm x 116cm includes solid wood frame.

Medium, oil, acrylic and sand

Influence: Summer time flowers with a contemporary twist

Contemporary. YF

Summer Glow

250 inclusive of solid wood frame (painted white)

Medium: Mixed Media on board

Influence: Beautiful summer flowers glowing in a garden kept in place by wired mesh, I guess to avoid disturbance by rabbits etc.
This painting has a glass cover so difficult to get a good image ( I am awaiting visit from photographer) so please click on image to see close up of flowers.

Contemporary. Blueflowers

Abstract Flowers

Price 900

Size of painting 95cm x 95cm

Medium: Mixed Media on boxed canvas - click on image for close up

50 Limited edition prints are available at 40 per print

Contemporary. Flowerblack

Purple Flowers

Size: 3ft x 2ft
Medium: Oil on boxed canvas (solid wood painted black frame) and mixed media
Price: 300.

Influence: Contemporary painting of Black Flowers "Velvet Petunia’ that I saw in a flower shop

Contemporary. Skyscraper

Paddy Lunch Break

Size: Boxed Canvas 4ft x 4ft (no frame required)
Medium: Oil
Price: 400 (50 limited edition prints are available 40 each)

Influence: This painting is my interpretation of the famous photograph taken by American Photographer Charles Clyde Ebbets "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" showing New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam on top of the steelwork of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, during the construction of the Rockefeller Center, in Manhattan, New York City, United States.

Contemporary. Nudies

Ladies Resting

Size: 6ft x 5ft
Medium: Oil on boxed canvas integrated into wooden frame (painted white)
Price: 1,200 incl. Large white wood frame (hand made)

Influence: I selected various sketches of models drawn in minutes at life drawing classes and enhanced/ adapted them for this tranquil scene largely done from imagination.

Please click image for original simplistic sketches

Contemporary. Claire

The Cat Singer

Price: 150
Boxed canvas, no frame required
Size: 28cm x 28cm
Influence: Musician friend, Claire Horgan, who plays the guitar ; her cat likes to be part of the act

Contemporary. MAndF

The Genders

Acrylic painting,
Inspiration: my candle stands, turning them into people for the fun of it
Cost 90
Boxed canvas, no frame required
Prints are available - 28 per print

Contemporary. Duality


Mixed Media
Inspiration: Love cheaky looking teddy bears and their characters

Cost 120
Boxed canvas, no frame required
Size 25cm x 25cm
Prints are available 25 per print

Contemporary. Birdies

Willow Pattern birds come out to play

Cost 220

Inspiration: Childhood memories of Birds on willow pattern ware coming out to play, landing on my face allowing me to see through their bodies/souls.

Canvas board (black wooden frame will be supplied)
Size H50cm x W40 cm
Prints (limited edition) are available 30 per print

Life painting of actor/model Robin George

Coming Soon

Oil life painting of actor/model Robin George enjoying a cigar with Pugsy at the Art Academy London Dec 2019