Angela O'Connell

9th March 2021 
Viewing my artwork
Charcoal, water colour & collage
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Cranley Gardens
Palmers Green
North London
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Grit to Diamonds

Price 1,500
Medium: Mixed Media including acrylic, oil, sand, sawdust, and cubic zirconia's (scattered throughout to create the sensation of diamonds) -

Height 183cm x width 122cm

Influence; Grit is meant to reflect perseverance and diamonds is meant to reflect strength. In combination, we can deal and overcome most things!
Abstract. Diamonds

Water reflections

Price 900
Medium: Mixed Media including acrylic, oil, sand and metal

Height 183cm x width 122cm

Influence; observing reflections in the sea, tried to capture this in abstract form

183cm x 60 cm
Abstract. Waterflowenl

Sand Dunes

Price 400 or 150 for one
Size: 2 x paintings both with height 76cm x width 61cm x depth 2cm (two paintings, can be sold as a set or
separately). These paintings are on boxed canvases so do not need to be framed but a cream or bronze painted frame would
would work well.

Medium: Oil, Acrylic and sand on boxed canvas
Influence : Painting done from memory of walking on various sand dunes which are a mound of sand formed when wind blows usually along the beach or in a desert. Dunes grow as grains of sand accumulate. The dunes I have painted were at the early stage of growth and close to water so an interesting ripple effect was captured.

Abstract. SANDUNEJAN 2011

Industrial City Scape

Price 450
Size: 70cm x 50cm x 4cm

Medium: Acrylic, oil and sand on boxed canvas

Size: height 70cm x width 50cm x depth 4cm

Medium: Acrylic, oil and sand on boxed canvas
Influence: a deserted river bank with industrial buildings Cork city, Ireland.

Abstract. blackmovement

Sunsplash- Sold


Price 750.00
Size: 120 x 80cm
Medium: Oil on boxed canvas

Influence: I saw the sun breaking through clouds and took a flashing image with my camera as it was surreal and beautiful lighting in a dark sky.

Abstract. Sun burst