Water colour

Angela O'Connell

Water colour
10th August 2020 
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Water colour
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The "leaf" style paintings below were made whilst on holidays in Ireland; a rainy day with nothing better to do, I gathered a whole range of leafs and painted the water colour paintings below from imagination but encompassing the beautiful colour of the leafs.

Water Colour Painting - Winter Leafs - 130

Description: The beauty of Leafs
Water colour paintings. Leafs

Leaf Style Dancing - 130

Description: Dancing Leafs
Water colour paintings. Dance leaf

Dance to Trombone - 130

Description: Dancing leafs accompanied by trombone player
Water colour paintings. Tronboney

Leaf Face - 100

Description: Leaf face child
Water colour paintings. LEeafface

Dancing to the Fiddle- 130

Description: Dancing to the fiddle
Water colour paintings. FDance