Quirky People

Angela O'Connell

Quirky People
30th May 2020 
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Quirky People
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Quirky People . PeggyRev


Peggy has been painted from imagination; the entire painting is textured

I called this painting "Peggy" simply because when completed, the name Peggy seemed apt.

Size of painting 107cm x 76cm

Painting is embedded in a white solid wood frame (depth 4cm)

Cost 1,000

Quirky People . poledancers


Poles Apart was painted from imagination. This painting raises a lot of questions; why the audience selection, why are the pole dancers included in a theatrical scene and finally why is one pole dancer much larger than the other ……… I will convey why I have produced the painting this way to interested parties ………...

Medium - Oil Painting
Size of painting 76cm x 60cm X 4cm
Painting is embedded in a black solid wood frame (depth 4cm)

Quirky People . Collage

Collage, Two Minds

Collage in white wooden Frame
Cost 90 (includes white wooden frame)
Size TBC

Quirky People . Lampshade

The Genders

Acrylic painting,
Inspiration: my candle stands - simply adding hats, oranges and wired brush as an assemblage, I decided to paint the image of the two genders.

Cost 130
Boxed canvas, no frame required
Size TBC

Quirky People . Bear

Naughty Teddy Bear

Mixed Media
Inspiration: Love cheaky looking teddy bears and their characters

Cost 150
Boxed canvas, no frame required
Size TBC